Learn Russian With Me

Learn Russian With Me

Very strange creatures in Russia. :-)


Лишь только в России живут неведомые существа: Бляха Муха, Ядрёна вошь, Сидорова коза, Японский городовой, Ёшкин кот, Ядрён батон, Ёксель-Моксель и совсем уникальный экземпляр – Ёкарный Бабай.

These unknown creatures live only in Russia. Their names are Бляха Муха, Ядрёна вошь, Сидорова коза, Японский городовой, Ёшкин кот, Ядрён батон, Ёксель-Моксель and the most unique is Ёкарный Бабай. Nobody never saw them, but when the people are angry, excited or shocked they call these creatures. 🙂

Would you like to see them? Then continue reading. Before you go further be sure you are already 18 years old.

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С днём рождения, Путин В.В.

Сегодня день рождения у президента России Путина Владимира Владимировича.

С днём рождения!

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The best ways to learn Russian.

If you don’t have Russian friends to practice your skills in Russian language and you don’t have much time to study with the teacher you can use the following ways:
1. Read books together with audio books.
Beginners can start from this amazing book  “Рассказ-сенсация” for Elementary & Pre-Intermediate levels. It contains approximately 800 words that are required for everyday communication. Every word appears in the text several times so that the learner can become accustomed to its meaning in the context. The author tried to include words from such topics as clothes, food, politics, office, sports and gym, transport and business. He also tried to use some common Russian set expressions and proverbs and quotes from famous songs. There are many dialogues in the story. There are lists of new words in every chapter. No translation is provided so that the learner can make a note of the meanings in their own language. At the end of the book, one can find a concise Russian-English dictionary. The story is written in slightly simplified Russian. Thus, the learner will find it easier to recognise and memorise grammar structures. At the end of each chapter there are questions and/or grammar exercises. Here you can buy audio book.
If you have children you can read and listen Russian traditional fairy-tales.

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Collector. Russian film with English subtitles in Cyprus cinema.

Русское кино на Кипре.

Русский фильм с английскими субтитрами во всех кинотеатрах K.Cineplex на Кипре (кроме “Mall of Cyprus” в Никосии)


Русские фильмы на Кипре. Подробнее здесь на сайте K.Cineplex в разделе Cine Events.

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Cyprus Independence Day.

Сегодня, 1 октября, на Кипре праздник – День независимости Кипра. В Никосии в этот день проводится (organize) парад.
На параде можно увидеть танки и БТРы, военных, полицейских, представителей пожарного департамента и департамента гражданской обороны, а в небе вертолёты.

Cyprus 55th Anniversary of Independence military parade...epa04958431 A column of tanks takes part in a military parade as part of the celebrations marking the 55th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus in the presence of the President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades and other high ranking government officials, in Nicosia, Cyprus, 01 October 2015. EPA/KATIA CHRISTODOULOU


Источник газета на русском языке “Европа Кипр”.

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