Learn Russian With Me

Learn Russian With Me

Alphabet (Алфавит).

on September 2, 2014

First of all I recommend to start learning Russian from watching video with alphabet.

These videos you can watch with your children and then you can find some games below. 🙂

Some other links for Russian Alphabet with audio presentation.


Good Luck! – Удачи!


8 responses to “Alphabet (Алфавит).

  1. Zanooda says:

    Both are bad in how they teach „O“ with words, where „O“ is pronounced like „A“ :))


    • Valentina says:

      First of all there are not only two videos, there are two playlists: the first one consists of 47 videos, the second of 90. Secondly these video represent only letters, not reading rules, not pronunciation rules. If you would like to know where it should be read the letter “O” as “O” and in which words as “A”, you can go here http://wp.me/p6HQJC-1i


  2. Christiana says:


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  3. Maria says:

    Thank you! It’s helpful.

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